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Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania House to Waive Background Check Fees

April 30, 2015
RE:          Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania House to Waive Background Check Fees

On Wednesday, April 28, 2015, House Bill 1081 of the 2015-2016 Regular Session of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives was introduced for consideration. This bill is of great interest to Fire/EMS providers and agencies across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania given new background check requirements to be implemented for all responders, paid and volunteer alike.

The bill, referred to the House Judiciary Committee for review, calls for waiver of the standard background check fee charged by State or local police departments when the background check is being requested when the request is made to [apply] do any of the following…

• Apply to become, or to remain in his or her position as, a paid or volunteer firefighter or paid or volunteer emergency medical services provider

• Apply to become a volunteer with an affiliate of Big Brothers of America or Big Sisters of America or with a rape crisis center or domestic violence program

It is the hope of the Fire/EMS community in Pennsylvania that the State Legislature acts quickly to pass this cost-saving measure which both insures adequate background checks will be initiated but without added cost to the Fire/EMS systems in the Commonwealth.

Guaranteed cash flow during transition.