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How the Affordable Care Act Could Impact Your Volunteer Agency

December 13, 2013

FROM: Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC
RE:  How the Affordable Care Act Could Impact Your Volunteer AgencyReleases Important New Advisory Opinion

If your agency has volunteers, then you need to be aware of an issue that is getting some much warranted attention lately. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers with more than 50 or more full-time "employees" (or their equivalents) have to offer health insurance to full-time employees and their dependents beginning in 2015 (the employer mandate was recently delayed for one calendar year). As currently proposed, the employer mandate regulations appear to require that fire and EMS agencies: (1) count volunteers when determining whether they are subject to the employer mandate and (2) provide health insurance to any volunteer that averages 30 or more hours a week if they are subject to the mandate. If the regulations go into effect as currently proposed, it could have a significant impact on volunteer agencies who can't afford to offer insurance to volunteers. 

We've been monitoring this issue for several months now and recently addressed it in our abc3 update webinar. Members of Congress just introduced legislation aimed at exempting volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMS providers from the employer mandate.  

Click HERE to read more about how this could affect your agency and what legislators and volunteer associations are doing to try to fix the issue before the IRS issues final regulations.

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